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Sometimes a tooth will be recommended for extraction. This may be due to advanced decay, periodontal disease, or strategic restorative planning. We ask that you follow the below guidelines following all extractions in the office.


Oral Hygiene:

The teeth and gums should be given their normal care following oral surgery except for the operated area. Patients should refrain from the use of rinses, mouth washes, gargles, etc. for 24 hours: then gently rinse with one-half teaspoonful of salt in a glass of warm water every 3 hours for 10 minutes.

When sleeping use an old pillow case and wrap pillow in an old towel, as stains may occur.  


Avoid very hot food or drink, and no smoking the first day. Cold beverages are good with the exception of carbonated or alcoholic beverages. Do not drink through a straw. The diet should be soft for the first and second post-operative day. Thereafter, a normal diet may be taken. Patients should be aware that good dietary intake is absolutely essential for proper healing.


Some bleeding following extractions can be expected and may persist for several hours. If profuse, it may be controlled in the following manner:

1.)  With clean gauze or cotton, remove the clotted blood from the surface of the socket.

2.)   Apply a compress of gauze or cotton over the bleeding area. Close tightly on compress for at least one half hour. Repeat if necessary.

3.)  At same time, apply an ice bag to the face.

4.)  Lie quietly with head elevated.

5.)  If in doubt, call the office or Dr. Gasperini's emergency cell number.


Some swelling from oral surgeries can be expected, especially following multiple extractions or the removal of impacted teeth and may persist for several days. Apply an ice bag or a towel wrapped around cracked ice to the affected area for a ten-minute interval. Remove for ten minutes. Repeat this procedure for approximately 6 hours.