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Endodontic therapy is commonly referred to as a root canal. This procedure is done for several reasons. The pulp may be irreversibly inflamed and causing severe pain or the pulp may have become necrotic and now the canal and bone surrounding the root is infected. Sometimes this procedure is done electively to allow us to restore your dentition. For whatever the reason, follow the guidelines below.    

    It is not unusual to have postoperative soreness for several days following endodontic therapy. Cleaning the root canals may cause inflammation of the tissue surrounding the tooth.

 2.       You may have been given a prescription for this soreness, if not, simply taking over-the-counter analgesics should control this discomfort. For patients not allergic to anti-inflammatory medications or aspirin, we recommend 2 Advil (Ibuprofen) every 4 hours or 2 Aleve (Naproxen Sodium) every 8-12 hours. IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO LET THESE MEDICATIONS WEAR OFF BETWEEN DOSES. THEY ARE MOST EFFECTIVE IF TAKEN CONSTANTLY. These medications can be discontinued when there is no more discomfort.

 3.       Sometimes antibiotics are prescribed to help control infection. Please take all medications as directed. PLEASE COMPLETE THE ENTIRE PRESCRIPTION AS INFECTION COULD OTHERWISE REOCCUR.

 4.       DO NOT CHEW ON THE SIDE OF THE MOUTH WHERE THE TOOTH IS BEING TREATED AT LEAST UNTIL THE COMPLETION OF ENDODONTIIC THERAPY. Please be especially careful not to chew hard foods as they may irritate the area of can cause the tooth to crack.

 5.       If swelling occurs or worsens after 24 hours, please call the office first thing in the morning.

 6.       After root canal therapy has been completed on your tooth, you should RETURN TO YOUR DENTIST to have the tooth restored. The temporary filling placed in your tooth should be replaced by a permanent restoration in a timely manner. The temporary filling will eventually loosen which may cause reinfection of your tooth.

 7.       If any unusual problems should occur during the course of endodontic treatment or if pain medications prescribed are not controlling your pain, please call the office. After usual office hours, follow the instructions on the answering machine and your call will be returned as soon as possible.


Daniel J. Gasperini, DDS